A life in frames per second, Enrique Cerezo and cinema

Cinema was more than a hobby, it always aroused in him a passion. Proof of this was his early interest in the "seventh art".

The hours passed in that mid-century Segovia, languished, but the images were the decoration that decorated Enrique’s school walls. He was responsible for projecting movies every Sunday. From below, he began to know the intricacies of cinema.

In direct contact with the professionals

Inseparable, the interest and the dreams began materializing, his first film appeared. Many are unaware of this first incursion and the many that were to come, but Enrique began working as a camera assistant for “A million in the trash”, with José María Forqué, the great Spanish director and scriptwriter.

There was some other film flirtation with the emblematic Francisco Martínez Soria, with Alfredo Landa ... who doesn’t remember some of the mythical comedies like "¿Qué hacemos con los hijos?" or “Vente a Alemania, Pepe”? There too he drew on his technical skills, until 1974 when he embarked on the adventure of directing his own short film “La sonrisa del sol: Almería".

His imprint on the Spanish panorama

The 80s were coming to an end and his interest began shifting towards cinema production. He participates as an investor in some films and definitely in the early 90s, would create his own production company, Enrique Cerezo P.C.

Since then, he has been part of the development and production of many films, together with great directors like Imanol Uribe, Ricardo Franco, Emilio Martinez Lazaro, Alex de la Iglesia, Mario Camus, Dario Argento, Pilar Miró, José Luis Cuerda ...

Some of the leading titles where he has left his mark, both nationally and internationally, are son Las brujas de Zugarramurdi, Las trece rosas, Juana la Loca, Aunque tú no lo sepas, Tirano…  

Cinema, something more than a passion

More than 7,000 titles classified and remastered, ready to be distributed throughout the globe. 80% of the films are of Spanish origin, the rest of the shelf has more than 3,000 European and American films, with their corresponding international distribution rights.

Mercury Films has movies of all times and genres, among which, of course, those of our renowned actors: Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Alex Angulo, Paz Vega, Ariadna Gil ...

A tribute also to our great directors: Buñuel, Amenábar, Alex de la Iglesia, Fernando Trueba, Julio Medem, Berlanga ... ambassadors of our Spanish films that have accumulated awards at major national and international festivals: Goyas, Oscars and other important awards, in San Sebastián, in Cannes, Berlin ...

Our great works, present worldwide

Undoubtedly, Mercury Films is a catalog that represents the long journey of the industry in our country, the platform through which it is possible to show the world the path and quality of the films that are hallmark of our culture: Viridiana, Los Otros, Bienvenido Mr. Marshall, Las trece rosas, Tesis, Ay Carmela, Belle époque, El espíritu de la colmena…)

Committed to its optimum dissemination and distribution, Mercury has a laboratory specialized in the treatment and conservation of films, in which films are remastered in HD and 5.1 sound so your viewing is the best possible.

This careful work, makes its catalog without any boundaries. Since its inception, it has served content to national and to also international televisions, adapting to all digital and analogue platforms, having as an objective the largest distribution possible.